TBT: 明知故犯


Really like Hubert Wu’s recent cover of 明知故犯.

Credit: The Voice Entertainment Group

Original sung by Mavis Hee. Great late 90’s classic. Wish she had a more active singing career.


Our Fantasies Are

Cantopop, Mandopop

So glad to finally see Yellow! release their latest album, “Our Fantasies Are.”

My personal faves from this album:

“著襪浸溫泉” (“Wearing Socks to Bathe in Hot Springs”)

Very upbeat, plus the MV is quite entertaining:


“你的背包” (“Your Backpack”)

Nice to hear this song again, which was originally sung by Eason Chan:


“青山散步” (“Green Mountain Stroll”)

The original is from Stephy Tang – it’s originally quite upbeat, but I also really like this version from Yellow!… it has quite the catchy twist:


Credit: Yellow! 野佬



I’m a sucker for songs with great lyrics, especially those with a nice ancient Chinese poetic feel to them. This song literally takes a famous poem from Li Bai and turned it into a song. Teresa Teng had recorded a demo, but only half of it was preserved. Faye Wong had released her second half of the song a few months ago, along with the original Teresa Teng demo at the beginning:

I really love Faye Wong’s entire recording too though, great arrangement of the song:

Credit: Faye Wong Official Channel